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Majorminor // BASE Ventures - The Magic of Human Potential.

BASE Ventures refers to itself as the anti-VC. The Berkeley-based firm is a seed-stage fund that invests in technology companies—and does so with less than $20 million of capital. They believe in the power of human potential. Above all else, they value exceptional founders.

BASE founder Erik Moore wanted the company to carve its own lane in the VC world with a visual identity that would reflect their culture and unique position: An unconventional, unapologetic, minority-founded firm that defies the status quo with a risk-taking approach to funding.

Our answer was to design and develop a bold, bespoke identity system and website that not only represented the vision, values, style, and attitude of BASE’s founders and set them apart from other venture capitalists, but one that would attract similarly minded outside-the-box entrepreneurs.

Services Provided
Branding/Positioning - Art Direction - Responsive Web Design & Development - UI/UX Design