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Majorminor // Encarnacion Photography - Great Adventures.

Encarnacion Photography is a husband-and-wife team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Majorminor has worked with them over the last five years to develop and design their brand. As their business matured and their brand values broadened, we provided them with a new platform to match their professionalism, outgoing personalities, and high-caliber artistry.

Jonathan and Joanne Encarnacion wanted their recent site redesign to help them attract larger-budget clients, so that they could essentially shoot less and play more. And they had a very specific type of customer in mind: "Warber Parker-spectacle-wearing, Bon Iver-listening, plaid-shirt-top-button-unbuttoned" kinds of folks." So we revamped the brand and website with visuals and messaging that would appeal to the top 10 percent of their targeted audience, integrating a hip but not-too-playful vibe with a scalable, easy-to-navigate layout.

Services Provided
Branding/Positioning - Identity Design - Art Direction - Responsive Web Design & Development



25 Taylor St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

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