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Majorminor // ICA - Creating Good Jobs for the Bay Area.

Inner City Advisors is a non-profit, non-government organization that offers resources to small businesses with an aim to strengthen and grow the Bay Area economy. Their annual reports and visual identities illustrate the monumental impact they’ve had on the local economy, job creation, and the Bay Area as a whole.

Our challenge was to help them tell that story in a way that would spark curiosity, build brand awareness, and shape perception through the use of relevant data, so that donors and funders would get involved with ICA's mission.

Over the last few years, Majorminor has designed multiple visually engaging, image-rich style of presentations that used HD video and modern web technology to display ICA’s impact-report data. We've created an equally intriguing narrative to connect and resonate with readers to the point that they would be compelled to donate to the foundation.

Services Provided
Naming - Branding/Positioning - Identity Design - Responsive Web Design & Development

2015 Impact Report


The ICA Business Institute - Growth Strategies


2013 Impact Report